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Kris Kuksi’s “Antiquity in the Faux.”

When I was a kid what I pictured in my head when I day dreamed of ancient or otherworldly scenarios were immense layers of complex activity and endless things to discover would seem to explode outward from a single spot or idea for me to excitedly explore for hours on end.  I even tried to build these dreams numerous times in my back yard with my action figures and rocks or found items from around the neighborhood with, even now, qualities that I couldn’t rightfully describe other than having a “this will work perfectly” sense to them.  Though I still actually dream these things, Kris Kuksi has made them come true with his powerful sculptural work assembled from found items and organized into what I would deem beautiful chaos. A new body of these sculptures will be displayed in his latest solo show, “Antiquity in the Faux" at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles, California starting on November 15th, 2015.

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